About SeQura

SeQura is a leading fast growing FinTech company based in Barcelona, providing digital flexible payment solutions, with a geographical focus on Southern Europe and Latin America. 

The vision of the company is to be the preferred payment platform for both merchants and consumers. The company has several thousands of merchants and offers all payment methods; “Pay Now”, “Buy Now Pay Later” or “Pay in 3”. A strong focus to generate a state-of-the-art experience for the consumers has led the company to an NPS rating of 86 by its more than 1million Shoppers. 

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What do we offer the shoppers?

muchoviaje financiacion
A flexible payment solution

with no hidden fees or complicated compound interest rates.

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Your favourite stores and brands

and choose to pay now, pay later or pay in 3,6,12 or 18 months.

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Our transparent fees

are always visible before you make your purchase, so you know what you are paying and when.

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Our NPS score is 86!

which means that 86% of our Shoppers would recommend us to their friends – nuff said!

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What can we offer the merchants

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Understanding each merchant

We work for you and have tailored payment solutions for many verticals. Our quest is to be differential when it comes to conversion. The needs from a merchant are very different depending on what you sell – we don’t believe in a one fit all global solution. 

Our product solutions and integrations

We can offer a complete product set of digital payment solutions from ‘Pay Now’, Invoice, BNPL, and ‘Part Payments’. We have a dedicated integrations team who will ensure the best possible integration to your website.

In-store solution

In addition, we have in-store solutions for the brands who have physical infrastructure to provide innovative digital solutions in the shop in order to increase sales and cross-fertilise your online presence and vice versa.

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We have no hidden agenda of cross-selling other products or redirecting your traffic to our own marketplace, hence our only focus is to maximise your sales, acceptance rates and recurrence.


You will have a dedicated contact person at SeQura who will continuously work to fine-tune the integration in order to maximise acceptance rates.

Checkout SaaS solution

For smaller pure e-Commerce merchants, we have a Full Checkout SaaS solution.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the merchants with the highest acceptance rates in the market.

Any pay later service will have to accept or deny a purchase based on the credit scoring. In contrary to the Anglo-Saxon markets, in Southern Europe we have very limited access to central credit data so the only way to build up know-how is time. SeQura has, by far, the most developed credit data algorithms and provides an unmatched acceptance rate. A lower acceptance rate means disappointed customers at check-out – being offered a payment method and then being rejected is a very frustrating experience for the shopper.  

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Everyday in more countries

We are currently rolling out our service in LATAM for the e-Learning sector on a Platform as a Service basis (‘PaaS’).  In Q2, we will extend our service to help our customers in France, Italy and Portugal with a focus on large retail/e-commerce brands. 

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tiendas paga mas tarde
tiendas paga mas tarde
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tecnología pagar en cuotas
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Press and media

Founded in 2013 - SeQura is the BNPL (buy Now, Pay Later) leader in Spain. With €40m of revenues forecasted for 2021 and profitable since 2017, the company has found a sustainable way of growing its business whilst serving its merchants and consumers. Backed by its many and big merchants, SeQura will be entering Portugal, France, Italy and LATAM during the first half of 2021.The objective is to be the preferred payment platform in Southern Europe and LATAM.  

The company is backed by world leading debt partners like Chenavari Investment Managers providing up to €200m of debt financing to the company. The founders are seasoned tech entrepreneurs with a strong track record. Innovation is the most important driver for the company in order to deliver a superior product that reduces friction between retail, consumers and payments. 

If you want find out more, please contact us on marketing@sequra.com

Want to work with us?

We are constantly looking to add good people to SeQura, people who like, and thrive in, a dynamic and independent work environment where you will be given a lot of responsibility and space to deliver. We believe in giving responsibility and demanding accountability. We are based in central Barcelona in a beautiful office and we believe in offering our employees flexible working hours.

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